Kludge FAQs

1. Is in-depth knowledge required to be a core?

Ans: In-depth knowledge is appreciated, but a basic idea and an enthusiasm to learn will do.

2. Do you need to know everything from systems to crypto to networking to be a core?

Ans: To be a core member of Kludge, itโ€™s not necessary to know everything about systems, cryptography, and networking. Though, a solid understanding of these areas is helpful. You can focus on one or two aspects that interest you.

3. What kind of projects do you work on?

Ans: Kludge works on all kinds of cybersecurity-related projects. For example: Creating spyware, creating an ad blocker using raspberry pi (pihole), SQL injection, and Cross Site scripting. Check Kludge.in/projects for previous year projects.

4. How many cores can work on a project?

Ans: 1 to 3 cores can work on a project.

5. What work do cores do in sessions?

Ans: Cores divide their work for sessions, from curating content and preparing slides to delivering presentations.

6. What will this experience provide?

Ans: The knowledge gained as a core will make you more aware and secure. It will enable you to succeed in CTFs and competitions like InterIIT. Many companies come for the roles of network engineers in internships and placements. The projects and knowledge gained here will come in very handy

7. Can interested people work on projects even if they are not a part of Kludge?

Ans: Yes. If you have any ideas, you can convey them to kludge heads, and they will allocate cores if the concept seems innovative enough.

8. Do you have a member position?

Ans: Yes, we have a member position in Kludge starting this year.

9. How are members selected?

Ans: If one does not make it into core selections but seems interested enough throughout the selection process, they will be taken as a member in Kludge.

10. What is the role of members?

Ans: Members can work on projects, create social media posts, campaign for Kludge, help create slides for sessions, etc.

11. How many members can work on a project?

Ans: Only one member can work on a project.

12. What are the perks of being a member?

Ans: Members can attend sessions and work on projects. They can also attend the CTFs and competitions that Kludge participates in. And they can be promoted to a core if they show enough interest and dedication.